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The essay came to us from the French language and in translation means “trial”, “attempt”, “sketch”. The essence of the essay is to show the audience their personal experience and offer an unexpected look at the problem. The paper writer seems to be alone with the reader and communicates with him. Theme of work can be any scholarship essay.

Write an explanatory essay is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. If you do not have enough experience, then the first time everything does not work out. But if you try again, you will certainly achieve good results. All the talented writers have committed many trials and errors, without this in this case can not do scholarship essay.

First of all, you must choose the right theme. It is necessary to focus on the list of topics proposed by the teacher. From the list, one should choose the one that causes increased interest or for which there is deep knowledge.

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with an interesting start. Consideration of the first lines can take a lot of time and discourage all desire to write a creative work. Do not immediately “squeeze out” of the entry. It is better to go over to rough drafts of thoughts on the subject in your head.

Despite the fact that the essay is considered a free genre and there are no strict limitations and limits, there is a historically established classical structure:

Introduction – here the author acquaints the reader with the problem, creates a certain mood and a desire to reflect on this topic.

The main part, which gives one or more points of view. You need to prove your opinion reasonably, give different judgments. It is possible to indicate the opinions of other people, generally recognized truths, and so on.

Conclusion – in the final part, it is necessary to push the reader to reflections, so that the author’s thoughts remain in the memory for a long time.

Another important point. The ability to briefly and clearly express thoughts shows not only a good knowledge of the English language, but also about general erudition. Excess text will only spoil the impression of your work.

What should not be done? Neglect the norms of the language. The text must be written correctly. Try not to use slang, stamps and abbreviations.

Do not back up the allegations with examples. The essay loses, if in the text only dry facts.

Pull the wool over someone’s eyes. Be honest, but positive in your essay.

Do not check the facts. Do not be too lazy to review everything again.

Overdo it with the volume. Avoid complex syntactic constructions.

Remember these tips and soon you will write unique essays!